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Nine essential factors that machineries must know

Return list source: date: 2019-08-20 09:34:54

Nine essential factors that machineries must know

Machine processing automation production equipment occupies the main position in modern industry. The popularity of machine tool processing has led to the emergence of diversified CNC tools on the market. Among them, CNC tools are suitable for processing a wide variety of parts and small batches. Besides the proper performance of common tools, standardization and system of tool systems should be established reasonably. In order to achieve the best production requirements, the following nine factors must be met in order to achieve high efficiency production and processing.

1. Ensure stable and reliable cutting performance of cutting tools

Tool cutting performance and life should be stable and reliable. When machining with NC machine tools, the tool should be changed regularly or managed by the control system. The cutting performance and tool life of the same batch of NC tools should not be different greatly. It is necessary to avoid frequent stopping and replacing the tool or causing a large number of scrap of the machined workpiece.

2. Guarantee long service life of cutting tools

Tools should have a higher life, and coated tools with high cutting performance and wear resistance should be selected as well as reasonable cutting parameters.

3. Avoiding Tool Loss

To ensure reliable chip breaking, chip rolling and chip removal, disordered chip system will bring great harm to automated production, resulting in tool blade collapse and various factors of varying degrees of wear and tear.

4. Ensuring Tool State Transition

It ensures the operation of rapid positioning, blade replacement and automatic tool change.

5. Scientific and Rational Adjustment of Tool State

It can quickly and accurately adjust the dimension of the tool to the parts and the original locating point of the tool.

6. Choosing cutters according to the characteristics of NC

The standardization, serialization and generalization structure system of NC cutting tools must be made according to the characteristics of NC machining, so that the suitable cutting tools can be purchased quickly.

7. Establishment of database and management system

A complete database and management system should be established. There are many kinds of NC cutters and their management is complex. It is necessary to recognize all cutters automatically, memorize their specifications and sizes, store their positions, cutting time and residual life, and then manage the replacement, transportation and pre-adjustment of cutter sizes.

8. Write a perfect tool information system

With perfect tool assembly, familiar with machine tool presetting, coding identification and recognition system.

9. Monitor tool shape at all times

Set up on-line monitoring system for tool wear and breakage.