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We believe that good quality is made, not tested. We integrate the whole staff's quality consciousness into every process of manufacturing products, from raw material procurement to processing to final packaging and shipment. Every detail in the process establishes strict quality inspection standards and carries out them effectively. At the same time, we use advanced quality management techniques to control the quality of the process and prevent mistakes in advance.

Since the company was certified by ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 2006 (certified by world-renowned MOODY International), the quality awareness of the whole staff has become the foundation of the survival of Edley. Today, we process products for many international high-level customers. Through their strict factory approval and professional quality evaluation, we bring customers a brand new and satisfactory quality experience.

The implementation of advanced ERP system, TQM management means and 5S on-site management mode makes the excellent quality of Edley Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. continuously improve and improve.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Edley Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2006, and in 2009 changed to 2008. We flexibly use ISO in the company's production process and quality control; the company's full-time work standards are in accordance with the requirements of the management system.

Operation of Quality Management System

Our quality is based on prevention, followed by inspection, which requires close cooperation between quality and production.

The quality department divides IQC, IPQC and FQC into three parts, but focuses on IPQC, because we firmly believe that quality is manufactured, not tested.

SPC control is applied in IPQC process control.

In order to minimize the potential risk of quality in mass production, FMEA is implemented at the sample preparation stage.

In the aspect of correcting and preventing, we actively use advanced quality control techniques to analyze the causes, find out the root causes, and completely eliminate the recurrence of problems.

quality control

Inspectors are conducting rigorous first-piece inspections and records.

In the corner of the testing room, strict constant temperature environment control ensures accurate measurement data.

Technicians are conducting imaging tests.

Quality training

The competition in today's market is actually the competition of talents. As a unique manufacturer in China, Edley Electronics has spared no effort in employee training. Our training goes deep into all aspects of the company's employees, from daily work training, induction training, safety training, technical knowledge training, to job guidance and procedure documentation training, and outdoor outdoor development training to improve the communication and coordination ability of the whole staff, you will find that training is an important part of the culture of the company. A link to it!

We will not neglect training in management concepts and leadership skills. Therefore, there are also a lot of outdoor outdoor development or off-factory seminar training for management staff. In a relaxed but positive situation, the learning effect is very good, and it also helps to build a harmonious team.

For outstanding employees, the company will also assign them to participate in various courses of different lengths in professional institutions outside to ensure that the company can master the latest technology and actively apply it to our management practice.

In short, in order to serve our customers more intimately and better, we are absolutely persevering in training!

Seminar on Quality Technology

Outdoor Development Training to Improve Communication and Coordination Ability of All Staff