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Processing Solution of Titanium Alloy Precision Machine Parts

Return list source: date: 2019-08-20 09:34:00

Processing Solution of Titanium Alloy Precision Machine Parts

As we all know, titanium alloy is an important metal material in aerospace and other fields because of its light weight and high strength. It is often used to process precision mechanical parts. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. This material has poor processing performance, especially when drilling and tapping, its efficiency is very low. Final processing quality and production efficiency of precision machinery parts. The following is a brief description of the matters needing attention in drilling and tapping process of precise parts made of titanium alloy and the solutions. First, let's talk about drilling. Because of the large elastic rebound of titanium alloy, when the drill tip contacts the workpiece, the contact area between the tool tip and the precise workpiece increases, which increases the axial force on the tool tip. The tool tip is easy to cause the drill bit to suffer a great deal when it enters the precise workpiece due to the poor radial elastic tightening and thermal conductivity of titanium alloy. With the radial and axial forces, common drill bits are prone to be difficult to process and worn out. In addition, titanium alloys have high chemical activity. When precision mechanical parts are processed under high temperature and pressure, they will react with tool materials, forming the phenomenon of sticking tool by dissolving and diffusing, which leads to the difficult removal of titanium alloy chips and often causes the phenomenon of bits being bitten and bits being twisted. The solution is to select a special titanium alloy processing high-speed steel drill, through the method of increasing core thickness and minimizing its length to improve rigidity.

The second is tapping. In the process of processing precision mechanical parts of titanium alloy, tapping is often difficult. The main reason is that the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is low. In tapping process, high temperature is formed in the cutting zone, which results in the thermal expansion of titanium alloy.