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Mr. Zhou Xiangli - General Manager

Mr. Zhou Xiangli has more than 20 years of machining experience and has worked in a machine processing enterprise for more than ten years. In 2000, with rich processing experience, he started his business from his hometown to Shenzhen, and his achievements are obvious to all. With unique experience in cost control, high quality service and quick response, it is the core and leader of the strategy of Edley Company. Zhou Sheng is currently the president of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen, the executive director of Guangdong Machinery and Mold Association, Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, and the director of Dalang Chamber of Commerce in Baoan District of Shenzhen.

Zou Tsinghua - Deputy General Manager (Operating and Production)

Mr. Zou Tsinghua graduated from Hubei Institute of Education majoring in mechanical manufacturing. He has held important management positions in engineering and production departments of many large enterprises. Twenty years of engineering and management career have enabled him to have rich experience in upgrading the overall technical engineering capacity and productivity of the plant, with deep technological capabilities, to solve many difficult technical problems, and also to be skilled in internal operation and management of the plant.

Ren Canxian - Deputy General Manager (Market Business)

University of Hong Kong, 1982 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and 1988 Master of Business Administration, 29 years of engineering and management experience, including 10 years in North America, overseas knowledge. The manager's strong point is that he can combine Chinese and Western cultures, make the West serve China, and be good at finding a balance between the perfect technology and the business cost.

Liao Zhiliang - Quality Manager

Liao Zhiliang graduated from Zhongnan University of Technology in mechanical design and manufacturing. He has been engaged in quality management and project improvement of precision mechanical parts processing in automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, medical equipment, fixture and other industries. He has worked in many large enterprises. Has rich experience in quality management system, quality planning and control, mechanical parts testing.