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  • Four-way flange
Four-way flange

Product characteristicsTurning,milling,welding304partsSummaryoffour-wayflangedballvalves:Four-wayballvalveisafour-wayfour-sidedballvalvewith"X"channel.Rotating90degrees,theflowdirectionoftwomediacanbeswitchedatthesametime,t...



Product Profile / Introduction

Turning, milling, welding 304 parts

Summary of four-way flanged ball valves:

Four-way ball valve is a four-way four-sided ball valve with "X" channel. Rotating 90 degrees, the flow direction of two media can be switched at the same time, that is, convenient and rapid, to achieve the effect of multi-use of one valve. In power plant system, it is called two-way water supply rotary valve (also known as air reversing switching valve in petrochemical system). Four-way ball valve is suitable for circulation system of liquid, gas, dust, slurry and solid particle medium, such as forward and backward circulation water supply system of power plant cooler.

Four-way flange ball valve features:

Manual/Pneumatic/Electric Flange Connections for Four-way Structures