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Machining process

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Machining process

Machining process

1. Machining process

By means of mechanical processing,

The shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object are directly changed according to the specified requirements.

The process of making it a finished or semi-finished product.

The basic unit of the process of mechanical processing is the process.

Each process also includes work station, work step, clamping and feeding.

(1) Process: The part of the process that a worker or a group of workers successively complete at the same place or at the same time for several workpieces is called a process. The main basis for dividing the process is whether the work place (including equipment) is changed and whether the work is continuous.

(2) Fixture: The process of locating and clamping the workpiece in a machine tool or fixture.

(3) Workplace: After a workpiece is clamped, each position occupied by the workpiece and the fixture (or the movable part of the equipment) relative to the tool (or the fixed part of the equipment) is called workstation. Multi-station processing can reduce clamping times and auxiliary time.

(4) Work step: In the case that the processing surface (or the connecting surface at the time of assembly) and the processing (or assembly) tools remain unchanged, the part of the continuous completion of the process is called a work step. For those continuous completion of the same number of steps (such as drilling 4-15 holes), it is customary to calculate a step; the use of composite cutting tools or multi-tool cutting, while processing several surfaces is called a compound step, also counted as a step.

Feed: In a working step, if there is a large margin, it needs to be cut several times, then the process of each cutting is a feed.