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Technical Process of Precision Parts Machining Die

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Technical Process of Precision Parts Machining Die

The technological process of precision parts processing die is described as follows:

Precision parts processing die process is the die manufacturing process, is the process of transforming the design of die parts into the product of die parts, including design, parts manufacturing, standard parts procurement, die assembly and acceptance of the test die and other work. The following is a small editorial to explain the processing process of precision die parts.



The main task of researching the manufacturing process of precision parts mould is to explore the possibility of mould manufacturing and solve the problem of how to make mould. A mould consists of several parts. Seeking low cost, short cycle and high quality precision die parts processing is the fundamental way out. Cost, cycle and quality are the main economic and technological indexes of die and mould manufacturing. Three indexes should not be considered singly, but should be considered comprehensively. The three links of design, manufacture and use should be coordinated.

In the design, we should not only consider the use function, but also the feasibility of manufacturing. In the manufacture, we should meet the design requirements and guide users to use. The design and manufacture should also be understood to make the design easy to manufacture on the premise of satisfying the use function. The detailed process of mould manufacturing is as follows:

Above is all about the technical process of precision parts processing die. Shenzhen Adeli specializes in mechanical processing, mechanical parts processing, precision parts processing. If you have processing design needs, please call us for consultation.